Human life is the essence of sustainable and stable development in the world. We place man at the center of our daily concerns, trying to better preserve his dignity. A person who does not have what to eat, to dress, to look after, to educate, is undoubtedly not the materialization of this concern of preservation of a fundamental life.

In this sense, WODD MA is created.

WODD MA is a humanitarian structure working to reduce social inequalities in Africa, through humanitarian actions in the fields of health, education, food, …

Because dressing, eating, caring for, having an education … like all the others is not a privilege but rather a natural right, we set ourselves the missions of strengthening the spirit of solidarity within human societies.

In Africa, the poverty rate accumulated for decades produces disadvantaged, helpless social classes, without access to the bare minimum. Therefore, we understand the fundamental importance of assisting them.

WODD MA is intended to be a platform for rescue and assistance to the needy, pledge of universal human dignity.

We are a team of young men and women volunteers, dedicated to a cause of social solidarity and respect for human life.

We finance our activities thanks to the contributions of our members but also to the many donations that we receive from our various contributors, partners.

← Malaria is a major public health problem in Senegal. Indeed it rages almost permanently with a seasonal upsurge during the rainy season.

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